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Collars Leads and Harnesses

Here at The Dog Demands we have a fantastic collections of collars, leads and harnesses. With all the colours of the rainbow, matching sets and personalisation we have it all.


There's nothing like his home comforts to keep your lord and master happy so have a browse through our selections of beds, mats, cushions etc and make a lovely nest for him.


A range of fabulous dog carriers for your precious pal to travel in style. Brands include Puchi, The Paws, Gorpets and Urban Pup.


Our specially selected dog toy range is sure to keep your hound happy and occupied. We have balls, tug toys, plushies, squeakies and the rest.


Dog related gifts and household goods

Accessories - Bowls

Food just tastes better out of one of our special bowls.


A selection of grooming products to pimp your pet. Including dog shampoos, dog conditioners, brushes and combs.


Where would the cutest girl on the street be without her accessories.


Here at The Dog Demands we have a vast range of clothing for your beloved beasties.

Seasonal Items

Celebrate with us with these daft items for you and your wonderful dogs.